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Save jobs from across the web with just one click.

To get started, install the JobHero Sidekick for any browser using the buttons above. It's FREE.
Press the JobHero button & save job listings for any webpage.

Now try out your Sidekick on a sample job, like this one, and it will save directly to your JobHero dashboard!

Don't have a JobHero dashboard? Don't worry, you'll be prompted to register with LinkedIn or your email address.

Where do the saved jobs go? What's the JobHero dashboard?

Have no fear! JobHero is a free, all-in-one job search dashboard. Check it out:

Need help getting the Sidekick set up? Email us: hello@gojobhero.com

Below are just a few of the sites integrated with Sidekick, including company career pages!

Have suggestions for which job board we should add next? Shoot us an email!